A gleaming bright smile is everyone’s desire. Yet, most people do not feel confident smiling because of stained or discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening is a treatment that aids in removing discolouration, thus lightening teeth. Beverages and foods that stain the enamel can cause teeth discolouration. If you fail to brush your teeth for an extended period, your teeth could become discoloured. It happens due to food particle accumulation. Smoking may also cause teeth discolouration.

Thorough cleaning or teeth whitening remedies can reduce discolouration. The temporary discolouration solved by brushing or whitening remedies is extrinsic. Intrinsic discolouration is a severe type of discolouration. It begins from inside the tooth. Some medications or childhood diseases are causes of intrinsic discolouration. Additionally, as you age, your teeth may discolour. Intrinsic discolouration requires professional teeth whitening options.

There are various products you can use for teeth whitening. Many of the products used for teeth whitening are chemicals. These consist of peroxide, which contains hydrogen or carbide peroxide. You can try home remedies or visit the dentist for guidance on the best product for teeth whitening. There are various factors you can use to determine which teeth whitening option is best for you. They include the cost of treatment, type of discolouration, and age. These play a crucial role in selecting the best treatment option.

Before you take part in any teeth whitening procedure, it would be best to consult your dentist. The time teeth whitening procedure takes depends on the type of method you use. Also, the severity of your discolouration may affect the teeth whitening duration.


Professional Teeth Whitening Options

In-Office Practice Products

Dentists administer in-office treatment to solve high levels of teeth discolouration. Most people prefer this technique to other treatment options because it is quicker. The whitening products are administered to a tooth using light, heat, or laser. The doctor will use a unique high-intensity UV light. Its purpose is to stimulate the gel used during the sessions. In addition, it will last longer than other treatment methods.

The maximum number of visits to the dentist’s office varies from one patient to the other. Your results for each session determine if there is another visit needed to the dentist. The products used easily break down the organic stains in your tooth, which causes a whitening effect. The stains are broken down into tiny pieces, which cause more light to pass through. In-house procedures are more productive since they remove intrinsic stains. The treatment option is mainly recommended for people who have no teeth sensitivity issues. People with dental restorations like lots of teeth fillings are advised first to consult the dentist. That way, they can avoid any complications caused by the treatment procedure.

Further, the method is best for people with receding gums. The technique is comfortable and painless. Incidentally, in-office teeth whitening procedure costs may vary depending on your location. The type of technology used also affects the price. If any other teeth whitening products are used, then you will be charged more. Using carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth is considered a safe method.

In-office teeth whitening procedure.


At-Home Treatment Option

There are many ways to whiten your teeth naturally from home. Many people use oil pulling to whiten their teeth at home naturally. It entails swishing oil in your mouth. The objective of the method is to break down plaque that builds up to form a yellow layer in your teeth. The oil used for oil pulling is a product of sunflower, coconut oil, or sesame oil. The method is natural. Therefore, it guarantees safety. It is also a cheap method since it does not entail the use of any medical equipment.

Brushing using toothpaste with baking soda contributes to teeth whitening. Baking soda contains natural teeth whitening properties. They help to remove stain surfaces from teeth. Moreover, baking soda creates an alkaline environment in the mouth, which is not conducive to thriving bacteria. Toothpaste with baking soda will also remove plaque from teeth.

Brushing using toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide will significantly whiten your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is vastly used because of its bleaching properties. Additionally, the compound can also be used to kill bacteria. When used in a high amount, hydrogen peroxide is not a safe method. It causes tooth and gum sensitivity. To avoid overuse of peroxide, consult a physician or dilute with water.

You can solve extrinsic discolouration by regularly brushing and flossing. Regular brushing removes food stains that build up to form plaque. Further, flossing kills bacteria, thus preventing plaque from building up.

Home treatment options are primarily cheap because they do not require complex products or dentist input. When used moderately, home whitening treatments are safe. The techniques are best for extrinsic discolouration. Plaque is not as severe as intrinsic discolouration. It does not require high levels of hydrogen peroxide – teeth whitening toothpaste costs approximately $5.


Dentist Take- Home Products

The take-home teeth whitening kits contain high levels of carbide or hydrogen peroxide. Notably, dentists give them to their patients to whiten their teeth. Dental trays are fitted on the tooth surface to mitigate teeth exposure to the whitening solution. Professional in-home kits are efficient to use because it minimizes contact with gums. The results are visible after one week or two weeks. Dental cups are usually contoured in teeth to ensure the solution is evenly distributed in teeth. Before you wear the trays, you should add gel. The trays are worn for 30 minutes a day or worn overnight.

Home teeth whitening kit.


Over the Counter Products

It is important to note that over-the-counter teeth whitening products are less effective. Most of these products are not safe because they have high peroxide levels. Incidentally, high levels of peroxide may cause erosion on your enamel. The results of over-the-counter medications can be seen after six months. Some over-the-counter toothpaste also contains low levels of peroxide. The toothpaste will help to break down plaque. Whitening products range from $ 5 to $ 50.

Various reasons can cause discoloured teeth. If you want a beaming smile, you should try teeth whitening options. There are many teeth whitening solutions. Over-the-counter gels, in-office practice products, and dentist take-home products are teeth whitening options. It would be best to consult your dentist before taking part in any teeth whitening options.

It is safer to use low levels of peroxide to avoid corrosion of teeth and gum sensitivity. If you have dental restorations, consult your doctor before you settle on any teeth whitening procedures. If the method you select does not give the results you want, consider a higher-level tooth whitening procedure.