Dr James Roberts

Dr. James Roberts has developed a particular interest in enhancing smiles through procedures like veneers, bridgework, crowns, and Invisalign, along with other forms of invisible orthodontics. By focusing on these areas, he aims to help his patients achieve their desired aesthetic results while maintaining optimal oral health. Settling into his new surroundings, James established himself as a reputable general dentist, offering a variety of dental services to his growing clientele. His private office in Claremont serves as a hub where he regularly sees and treats his patients. While James takes pride in providing comprehensive dental care, his passion lies in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Through his commitment to ongoing learning and a genuine passion for helping his patients, he aims to make a positive impact on their lives, one smile at a time. As James continues his professional journey in Perth, he remains dedicated to providing top-quality dental care while expanding his expertise in cosmetic dentistry.