Cosmetic Dentistry

In traditional dentistry, oral hygiene is the main focus. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is about improving how the teeth look. Your teeth have a massive impact on your smile and your overall appearance. And it’s why cosmetic dentistry exists. It involves elective procedures that patients want to go through so that they can reach the desired outcome.

Cosmetic treatments, however, are not just for beautifying patients. They can also provide functional and restorative benefits. Let’s take dental fillings, for example. If you have decayed teeth, your dentist may use dental fillings to make your teeth look normal. Many years ago, fillings had gold and an amalgam of unwanted materials that would stain teeth. These unpleasant dark spots are no longer a problem, thanks to the new advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

Here at Chelmsford Dental, we provide numerous cosmetic oral treatments, including:

  • Dental fillings and fissure sealants
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dentures
  • Invisalign

In this blog, we will take a look at the different cosmetic dental services and the trends and options available. As always, it’s best to stay on top of these facts, so check back often to read about our cosmetic dentistry entries.