A Typical Visit to Chelmsford Dental

Patients can easily make an appointment by either using the appointment button at the top of the page or by calling 6146 2555.

  • At your appointment, you will be greeted in our comfortable waiting area by one of our reception staff. You will then have to fill out some personal details and a medical history. This can be done on an iPad or on paper depending on your preference.
  • Our dentist will then listen to you talk about any concerns, aches or pains you may have, or what you may like or not like about your teeth.
  • The dentist will then examine your neck, jaws, muscles, tongue, the roof of your mouth and your teeth. Besides a visual exam, the dentist will also likely take radiographs (x-rays) of your teeth, photographs and a 3D computer scan of your mouth.
  • You will then be able to see the the results of the examination a large television screen, and the dentist will talk through what they have found.
  • Should you require any treatment, the dentist will discuss all of the options available to you, including outlining the pros and cons of the different procedures.
Chelmsford Dental signage located out the front of the dental clinic in mount lawley perth
dentist showing patient a dental x ray

Once it is time for the necessary treatment, Chelmsford Dental practitioners do everything possible to make patients comfortable and at ease during the procedure. If you are particularly anxious you may wish to discuss sedation with the dentist.

  • The first thing our dental staff do to prepare a patient for a procedure is to apply a cream that will numb the area receiving the injection.
  • The patient gets a numbing injection (anaesthetic) to ensure the treatment can proceed pain-free.
  • The anaesthetic usually starts to work in around 5-10 minutes. The dentist will then begin the treatment.
  • The patient receives aftercare instructions before they leave the office, and our staff will schedule a follow-up appointment.

What Does Chelmsford Dental Do to Help Anxious Patients?

Our staff understand that all patients react differently, even when put in similar situations. Just as we do not believe in cut-and-paste treatment plans for our patients, we do not expect our patients to all react to various dental procedures the same way.

We know that dental anxiety is real, and we want all of our Chelmsford Dental patients to feel at ease and as relaxed as possible. To help achieve this, we have created a comfortable and welcoming waiting room, and treatment rooms equipped with television screens on the ceiling, and noise-cancelling headphones. Patients can choose to watch and listen to the television, or even their own music.

Some patients do need more assistance to relax during dental visits. They may have low pain tolerance, a history of bad experiences with dentists, or maybe truly dental phobic. We have ways to help patients with various levels of anxiety feel relaxed during their visit to Chelmsford Dental, including:

  • Relaxing medication patients can take at home the night before a dental procedure.
  • Relaxing medication to take before the appointment begins.
  • Stronger medications administered at our office before an appointment.
  • Stronger sedation administered by an anaesthetist at the clinic before the appointment.