Brushing twice daily is our top recommendation for maintaining good oral hygiene. But does the toothpaste you use matter? Yes, it does! 

But how do you choose between the dozens and dozens of toothpaste that line the shelves? That’s where our guide to choosing the best toothpaste for your teeth comes in. 

Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself to find the best toothpaste type for your dental health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brushing twice a day with the right toothpaste is a crucial part of maintaining dental health.
  • Your Toothpaste should be ADA approved, contain fluoride for whitening, the correct ingredients and right for YOUR teeth!

It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every three months.

6 Questions for Choosing the Right Toothpaste for Your Teeth

1. Is It ADA Approved?

The first step we recommend in choosing the right toothpaste is looking for the ADA (Australian Dental Association) seal of approval. 

The ADA seal ensures a toothpaste has been verified as effective and safe. Almost all toothpaste will have this seal, but we still recommend double-checking. 

The ADA closely evaluates all aspects of the toothpaste, including additives, fluoride level, abrasiveness, and other factors according to their standards. It is a trustworthy, reliable seal that helps you know you are buying a product deemed safe and effective at supporting dental health. 


2. Does It Contain Fluoride?

Once you confirm a toothpaste has the ADA seal of approval, the next question we recommend asking is ‘Does it contain fluoride?’. 

As with the ADA seal, almost all toothpaste in Australia will feature fluoride in its formula. However, there are some toothpastes that do not contain fluoride, particularly some formulas marketed as natural. 

The ADA recommends brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste to promote dental health and fight cavities.  

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is added to water and certain dental health products, such as toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens the tooth’s hard outer surface, also known as the enamel.

By fortifying the enamel, fluoride helps fight against cavities and decay. Choosing a fluoride toothpaste is an easy way to help support good dental health. 


3. What Are the Ingredients?

Once you confirm the toothpaste contains fluoride, you’ll want to check the label and read the rest of the ingredients. 

Certain ingredients may offer specific benefits, such as mild abrasives in a teeth whitener toothpaste. Other ingredients, such as harsh abrasives, are best avoided.

You may also want to choose a certain type of fluoride in your toothpaste. The two types used are stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride. Stannous fluoride is considered the most effective option. 

Consider these factors when reading a toothpaste ingredient label:

  • Avoid harsh additives or abrasives as they can wear away tooth enamel 
  • Choose an age-appropriate formula 
  • If you struggle with sensitivity issues, opt for formulas that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLF), a foaming agent that can cause gum irritation
  • Skip formulas with added sweeteners as they can promote the growth of plaque and bacteria
  • Additional evidence is needed, but you may want to avoid triclosan if bacterial resistance is a concern to you·


4. What Is My Current Dental Health?

Your current dental health is an important consideration when choosing the right toothpaste. You’ll also want to take your age and dental goals into account. 

For instance, a child needs a toothpaste specifically meant for a younger age. These formulas will have a lower fluoride content. If you are looking for a teeth whitener option, check for formulas designed to help remove surface stains.

Here are some different toothpaste recommendations based on dental health and specific dental needs: 

  • Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: What to Look For — If tooth sensitivity is an issue, look for a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. These formulas contain ingredients that decrease sensitivity, such as strontium chloride or potassium nitrate. 
  • Children’s Toothpaste: What to Look For — Due to safety concerns of swallowing fluoride, children need a child-specific toothpaste. It is also important to supervise children until they can safely brush their teeth on their own. As with adult toothpaste, look for a children’s toothpaste with the Australian Dental Association seal. 
  • Tartar Control Toothpaste: What to Look For — If you are prone to tartar buildup, your dentist may suggest a tartar control toothpaste. If you tend to build tartar, general dental checkups are vital. Regular professional dental cleanings are the only way to remove tartar buildup. 
  • Teeth Whitener Toothpaste: What to Look For — Whitening toothpaste contains ingredients designed to remove surface stains from the tooth’s outer surface. Since whitening toothpaste can be abrasive, ask your dentist how long you can use it safely. 

Along with using a teeth whitener toothpaste, you may also want to ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatments. Whitening toothpaste can only work on surface stains. We like recommending whitening toothpaste as a complement to professional treatments. Used together, the results from professional whitening and maintenance with a whitening toothpaste can produce incredible, long-lasting results. 

  • Toothpaste for Dentures: What to Look For — If you wear dentures, choosing a non-abrasive toothpaste is important. Look for denture-specific formulas to ensure you do not cause any damage.  

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5. What Toothpaste Does My Dentist Recommend?

Feeling overwhelmed by the dozens upon dozens of toothpaste options? Not sure if you need a sensitive toothpaste or not? Worried your whitening toothpaste is too abrasive? 

We’re here to help. 

If you aren’t sure which toothpaste is best for you, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. 

We can discuss your dental health, including specific concerns such as whitening, sensitivity, or gum disease prevention. Once we assess your dental health and any concerns, we will help you find a toothpaste that fits your individual needs.

Your general dental checkups are a great time to discuss your oral health and get toothpaste recommendations. The professional guidance from your dentist can ensure you are using the right toothpaste for your dental needs and goals. 

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6. Do I Like It?

It is important to choose a toothpaste with the ADA seal and fluoride. But it is also important to like your toothpaste! 

We like to remind our patients to go ahead and try several kinds of toothpaste to find their favourite. If you enjoy the flavour, texture, and results a toothpaste offers, you’ll be more likely to stick to the recommendation of brushing twice daily. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and try several formulas and flavours to find what you like. Some people enjoy the freshness offered by a strong mint flavour while others enjoy the hint of spiciness offered by a cinnamon flavour. Or maybe you like the consistency or texture of a particular toothpaste.  

The bottom line is finding a toothpaste formula you actually enjoy. This will increase the chance of brushing twice a day and sticking to a good oral hygiene routine. 

Finding the right formula is especially important for kids! We recommend involving your child in picking out toothpaste. Once you find a few child-specific formulas, let them choose between several options. 


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Our Caring Team At Chelmsford Dental Is Waiting to Help  

The right toothpaste is a crucial part of good dental health. By considering your age, dental health, and dental goals, looking for the ADA seal, and choosing a formula with fluoride, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right toothpaste. 

For dentistry Perth families can trust, get in touch with our team at Chelmsford Dental. We can help you find the toothpaste that will fit your dental needs, contain the proper fluoride content, and support great dental health. 

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