Dr Bernadette Pilkington

Dr Bernadette Pilkington is Chelmsford Dental’s senior dentist. Dr Bernadette has vast experience in the world of dentistry, having been a registered dental practitioner under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) since 1978. That was also the same year she started her career in dentistry after graduating from the University of Western Australia. Dr Pilkington worked with well-known organisations before joining Chelmsford Dental. She was a part of the Perth Dental Hospital for several years until she opened her own practice in 1982. Bernadette is also a member of various programmes, such as Women in dentistry, Australian Dental Association, and Sally Joyston-Bechal Women’s Dental Study Group. She has provided dental care for everyone, from parents to kids to teens, adults, and even grandparents. Patients love talking to her, especially before their treatment. She does not just provide dental services but genuine care to improve dental health. With over 40 years of experience in dentistry, it is no wonder that Dr Bernadette is highly respected in her field. Aside from attending to patients with their dental care needs, she is also an educator. Dr Pilkington enjoys sharing her knowledge with everyone. She believes that having access to the right information can help patients see the benefits of good oral hygiene. Dr Bernadette Pilkington devotes time to write engaging blog posts that are easy to read and digest.