Viviane Nguyen

General Dentist

Dr. Viviane Nguyen is a general dentist at Chelmsford Dental. Ever since she was a child, she has always been interested in science and art. Before becoming a dentist, she was also contemplating on becoming a lawyer. However, dentistry won her over because it was the perfect blend of what she was passionate about: art and science.

Career History

So, from 2009 to 2014, she went to the University of Western Australia where she took up Bachelor of Dental Science. After finishing college, she went to Singapore. It was a good choice for her because she did not just experience a different country and environment, but it also allowed her to start her dental practice.

Being in Singapore enabled Viviane to diversify her skill set. After all, she was lucky enough to work in two types of clinics as a dentist. The first one was right in the heart of Singapore’s famed Financial District. The other clinic was the exact opposite, which was in a heartlands clinic. It is an area that not many tourists visit, but they are where Singaporeans reside.

Viviane’s experience in these two types of dental clinic let her learn more about both ends of the dental spectrum. During that time, she would provide dental and even palliative care to patients.

Dr Viviane Nguyen from Chelmsford Dental.

List of Dr. Viviane Nguyen’s Achievements

Singapore was where Viviane practised right after graduating, which is something that is not attainable in Australia. But as much as she loved Singapore, her heart has always belonged to Perth. Having been born and raised in the city, it has always been a part of her. She went back to her hometown, equipped with enhanced skills, experience, and understanding of dentistry. She became a more confident clinician and knew right away that Perth is where she truly wanted to practice for the rest of her career.

The Most Enjoyable Parts of Being a Dentist

Viviane has always wanted to work with families. Mums, dads, kids, and everyone in the family deserve the best dental care they can have. With general, family dental care, she can provide an all-around approach. It encompasses not only restorative and intervening but also preventative treatments.

She also relishes educating patients in all stages of life – from simple and easily treatable dental issues to terminal cases.

Aside from family dentistry, Dr Nguyen enjoys restorative dentistry, which involves diagnosing health and function issues of the teeth. Her passion lies in providing care and comfort to patients. While dental treatments can be quite terrifying for many people, she is always there for them to help in making them feel comfortable and less anxious.

Before finding Chelmsford Dental, Dr Viviane Nguyen was working in another dental clinic in Perth for about three months. During that time, a friend owned Chelmsford Dental. They reconnected when she came back to Perth. Later on, she was asked to work at the dental office. She gave up her position in another practice and started working at Chelmsford Dental back in July 2018 when it was still named as Allied Dental.

The transition was not at all a challenge. Dr James Roberts, the head dentist at Chelmsford Dental, shares Viviane’s views, which she is quite thankful for. One of the attributes that she admires the most about Dr Roberts is his “patients first” approach, which aligns with her own philosophy.

With such an objective, it is much easier to provide the best care to patients. Chelmsford Dental gives people as many options as possible for their treatments. It is not about the most expensive product or service but the most suitable for them.

When it comes to working with the Chelmsford Dental team, Dr Nguyen couldn’t be happier. It is essential to be in a supportive and pleasant environment when in a dental clinic. After all, there can be constant pressure, especially with special or complicated cases. But she has no problem at all with the Chelmsford Dental team. It feels like working with a family.

Everyone gets along fine, which extends to the patients as well. When they walk in the clinic, they know that it is a friendly place surrounded by professionals. At the same time, the dentists are eager to get to know the patients, including their names and stories.


  • Trained in Rotary Endodontics
  • Joins Paediatric conferences on a regular basis
  • Well-versed in Digital CAD/CAM
  • Experienced in Restorative Implant dentistry

One of the trends has extended to dentistry, where big corporations now occupy the industry. For some, the industry becoming more corporate may be a welcomed change. However, it resulted in a less patient-centric business.

Viviane has seen several patients who had no clue about the treatment they have or their options. Many dentists have also forgotten that patients need time and guidance. Although dentistry has numerous services to offer, dentists have other roles, including educating and relieving doubts and fears of patients. The best results come when patients are relaxed, and they view the service as therapeutic.

On the good side, technological changes are abundant. For instance, digital scanning and Invisalign are two of the most significant improvements in the dental industry. Recently, Viviane learned about Invisalign and other new techniques that benefit patients. Digital scanning, for instance, is the new way of taking impressions from patients. This advanced method is more comfortable for patients and faster for the whole dental team. Even better, it produces accurate images, which are needed for quick and easy restorations.

Viviane is a new mum to a sweet baby boy. She has a supportive partner. Whenever given a chance, she likes to travel to many places. Her hobbies include reading and cooking (specifically baking). She also tries her best to stay active when she can.