Dr. James Roberts

Dentist & Owner

Dr James Andrew Roberts completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2008 from the University of Birmingham. Since then, he has set his sights on providing advanced dental care in a pleasant atmosphere. Dr Roberts is now one of the respected dentists in Western Australia today. His dedication to staying current in giving the leading procedures in dental care radiates from his acquired experience over the years.

Expert Dentist for 15+ Years!

Dr James Roberts was born in the United Kingdom. He later moved to Western Australia where he currently resides. Before Dr Roberts chose his career path, his parents and sister were already healthcare professionals. It was not long after that he decided to join them by taking up dentistry.

He continued training even while he was in the military. He was at the Royal College of Surgeons of England (MJDF RCS Eng.) where he completed his Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties.

James discovered that dentistry, just like any profession, entailed a lot of hard work. At the same time, becoming a dentist requires a passion for the job. It can be challenging, but it is rewarding in the end.

Today, Dr James Roberts enjoys the perks of being a respected and trusted figure in the community. Patients rely on him to give them the best possible dental care. They receive state-of-the-art dental care, thanks to Dr Roberts’ pursuit of staying updated on new techniques and technologies.

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High Level Dental Skills

After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2008, James became a part of the Royal Air Force. During that time, he would travel to many places around the world, including Argentina, Ascension Island, Germany, and Cyprus. He took the chance to provide quality dental care to military troops, as well as their families.

When James solidified his membership with the Joint Dental Faculties, he became interested in oral surgery. Together with medical ethics, he pursued oral surgery and proceeded to attend the University of Edinburgh. It was where he completed a Master of Laws (LLM) in Law and Ethics concerning medical practices.

Dr James’ goal is to give the highest quality of dental care possible in the most comfortable setting. His work allows him to help people since being a dentist is a service-oriented profession. He spends most of his day assisting patients. For James, making dramatic changes in people’s smiles by restoring or fixing them is exceptionally gratifying.

Patients not only see the improvement, but they also feel more confident and happy with how they look. Many individuals turn to James to help them eat and speak better.

List of Dr James Roberts’ Achievements

Professional, Reliable, and Passionate

In 2015, James left the Royal Air Force. He was looking for a place to stay until one of his friends mentioned Perth. The amount of sun that the Australian city enjoys each year sparked James’ interest. Soon after, he found himself moving to Western Australia.

He started providing general dentistry services, expanding his clientele and knowledge as well. He has a private office in Claremont, where he sees his patients regularly. He offers them a wide range of dental services. However, Dr Roberts wants to focus more on cosmetic dentistry. He is particularly interested in veneers, bridgework, crown, and Invisalign among other invisible orthodontics.

James just bought Allied Dental Mount Lawley and changed the name to Chelmsford Dental, which offers cosmetic and contemporary dental care. The firm is known for the ultimate patient comfort where the dental professionals ensure each visit is a pleasant one. He believes that it will allow him to work closely with patients. This way, he can come up with a lifelong dental care plan, which will motivate them to provide attention to dental health daily.

It will undoubtedly be an exciting journey for James Roberts. His practice continues to grow, and Chelmsford Dental in Mount Lawley excellently matches his passion for providing high-quality patient care and general service. He believes in adopting forward-thinking and perpetual improvement while applying his lessons from modern education.

With these qualities, it is no wonder that his patients receive suitable treatment. After all, it was not just James’ aspiration but his chief concern as well.

Having a team of highly trained professionals in the dental world makes Dr Roberts proud in the services that they offer. The commitment, education, experience, and innate knowledge set the firm apart with James on the lead.

James Outside Being a Dentist

When Dr James Roberts isn’t providing dental care, he enjoys spending time with his friends, eating out and running. James considers himself the ultimate Welsh rugby union fan and also likes to go watch the Perth Scorchers. He lives locally with his two French bulldogs Archie and Hugo.

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