Dr Rosie Cash

Dr Rosie Cash works as Chelmsford Dental’s general dentist. She is from the United Kingdom. Before moving to WA, Dr Rosie completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2007. She then proceeded to her post-grad studies in 2011 and undertook oral and maxillofacial surgery training for two years. As a general dentist at Chelmsford Dental Dr Cash has plenty of essential duties such as simple to more complicated teeth extractions. She treats patients of all ages, including children, teenagers, and their parents. She enjoys treating patients and being a part of their journey to achieving a healthy smile. It is her goal is to provide helpful information to patients. Most people who visit dentists are afraid because of many reasons. Some fear pain, while others simply dread sitting on the dental chair. With accurate knowledge about how dental treatments are performed and their benefits, people can start looking forward to visiting their dentist. Dr Rose wants to correct the negativities surrounding dental services by shedding a positive light on dentistry. Being family-orientated, she focuses on the importance of proper dental hygiene, which should start while patients are still young.