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Viviane Nguyen

General Dentist

Dr Viviane Nguyen is a general dentist at Chelmsford Dental. Ever since she was a child, she has always been interested in science and art. Before becoming a dentist, she was also contemplating on becoming a lawyer. However, dentistry won her over because it was the perfect blend of what she was passionate about: art and science.

Career History

So, from 2009 to 2014, she went to the University of Western Australia where she took up Bachelor of Dental Science. After finishing college, she went to Singapore. It was a good choice for her because she did not just experience a different country and environment, but it also allowed her to start her dental practice.
Being in Singapore enabled Viviane to diversify her skill set. After all, she was lucky enough to work in two types of clinics as a dentist. The first one was right in the heart of Singapore’s famed Financial District. The other clinic was the exact opposite, which was in a heartlands clinic. It is an area that not many tourists visit, but they are where Singaporeans reside.
Viviane’s experience in these two types of dental clinic let her learn more about both ends of the dental spectrum. During that time, she would provide dental and even palliative care to patients.

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