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Michelly Silva

Dental Assistant

Michelly is from Brazil and moved to Australia in 2012.

Before moving to Australia, Michelly worked as a guest relation coordinator or specialist at a resort. She studied Foreign Trade at a university in Brazil, which taught her how to develop key management skills and gain an international perspective.

Michelly Silva at Chelmsford Dental

The Transition to the Dental Industry

Obviously, working in guest relations in the hospitality industry is different from working in a dental practice. For Michelly, the transition began almost right away.

She tried out a Dental Assistant course in Western Australia Institute of Further Studies. Halfway through the course, she got a job at a big dental practice where she worked as a sterilisation assistant. Just a few months later, the same dental office required a nurse, a position which she trained for later on.

Michelly has been working as a dental assistant since 2014. It is why she knows the best qualities an aspiring dental assistant should have.

These are:

  • The ability to pay attention to details
  • Listening and communicating with the patients to understand their needs and eventually meet their expectations
  • Working well with other members of the team, especially the dentist
  • Preparing in advance, which involves having all instruments ready and knowing what else is required
  • Giving importance to cleanliness

In a dental practice, no matter what your role is, it is always essential to enjoy working with clients. Michelly has this natural ability to help the patients feel calm and comfortable before they go through a procedure.

Prior to working in Chelmsford Dental, Michelly has already known Dr James. She met him from her previous job. Both practices have given Michelly excellent working experience. James and the rest of the team are easy to work with. They usually know what to do or what the other person needs without requiring long conversations.

Perhaps the most significant difference lies in the fact that the work environment at Chelmsford is more relaxed and straightforward.

Also, being a dental assistant allows her to explore more about general dentistry. The services depend on the person and case. It’s something that she enjoys because she likes variety.

Currently, she is interested in studying more. She may take up a dental therapy course or nursing.

Advice to Patients

“Floss, floss, and floss!” Many people don’t floss, which is why decay is one of the most common issues in patients. Floss and brush twice a day to avoid dental problems.
Of course, don’t forget to visit your Chelmsford dentist every six months.

Viviane is a new mum to a sweet baby boy. She has a supportive partner. Whenever given a chance, she likes to travel to many places. Her hobbies include reading and cooking (specifically baking). She also tries her best to stay active when she can.

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